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There’s no better place to get you trailer axles than our trailer supply store.

As any trailer owner knows, trailers are extremely versatile. They can be used for everything from construction and landscaping to farming and leisure, and there are tons of different trailer types to suit many purposes. For instance, at Trailer-Solutions, we sell car hauler, dump, enclosed, flatbed, tilt, and utility trailers, among others. That versatility also means various trailer owners may need different accessories to customize their trailers. We understand this, which is why we sell a variety of trailer axles to our Garden City, Kansas customers.

Trailer Axles in Garden City, Kansas

Trailer axles are structural components that transfer the weight of the trailer to the wheels and drive it forward. The type of axle used can have a profound effect on how even the weight distribution is, how much maintenance is required, the quality of the ride, and more.


There are two main types of trailer axles: spring axles and torsion axles. Spring axles are the more cost-effective option of the two, and they provide greater adjustability that allows for changes in ride height or load distribution. Torsion axles typically cost more, but they offer more even load distribution, less maintenance, and smoother ride quality. The choice of one or the other depends on the type of trailer and other factors since each is suited for specific purposes.


We are your best source for trailer axles, as we have a large inventory of accessories from trusted manufacturers. We also stand behind every product we sell, so you can feel confident when you purchase from us. View our inventory today.

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