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P.J. Utility Trailers

A PJ Utility Trailer is one of the most customizable open utility trailers on the market. In this post you will learn what a utility trailer is used for, about options on these trailers, and some things that make a PJ Utility Trailers a great buy.

Why Utility?

Open Utility Trailers are a smaller trailer model that come with either one or two axles. They are lightweight and come with rails. Utility trailers are great for transporting ATV’s, furniture, building supplies, lawn care equipment, appliances, tools, and even debris.

When shopping for a new trailer, make sure you know what you are going to use it for. When transporting vehicles, heavier equipment, or any larger loads, an other trailer is probably better for you. Look at our blog posts on other models for information on larger trailers.

Gate and Rail Options

A standard feature on our P.J. Trailers Utilities is the Ready Rail sides. Ready Rail is a patent pending rail system that allows the user to customize their trailer to their specific needs through bolt-on accessories. Some of the bolt-on accessories include d-rings, landscape toolboxes, spare tire mounts, bed dividers, and many more! With Ready Rail your trailer can transform over its life to match your ever changing needs. Ready Rail is available exclusively on PJ Trailers.

When you buy a utility with our Ready Rail option we recommend adding the ATV ramps shown above, the trailer above features Side Mount ATV Ramps. The side mount ATV ramp option gives you the ability to load an ATV/UTV in the front and one from the rear between the fenders. Also providing your with a 57″ opening great for loading and unloading pallets.

One important decision we help you make, when you pick a utility trailer, is what gate option you need. Example: if you have a low slung unit you need to load, a great option would be our four foot, spring assisted, fold up gate with a two foot dovetail and a transition lip. Where as if you need your utility trailer to transport a stationary item such as a generator or pressure washer we would recommend the straight deck with a bi-fold gate in order to have a full deck to place it on and less wind drag when your pulling it down the road.


P.J. Utility Trailers are built strong and come with a one year limited warranty. Unlike most small utility trailers, P.J. Utilities come with a four inch c-channel frame and four inch c-channel wrap tongue standard. This standard frame comes with a three year warranty! We are confident in the reliability of this trailer!

Every P.J. Utility Trailer comes standard with Dexter EZ-Lube Axles. These 3,500 pound spring axles come with a 5 year warranty. Dexter Axles are known for cutting edge innovation, consistent, reliable quality and safe, smooth performance.

Each PJ utility trailer receives 2″ or 2 5/16″ BULLDOG™ coupler depending on the axle rating. The Bulldog™ coupler has a well-earned reputation for being the toughest, most durable coupler in the trailer industry. Every PJ utility is equipped with a swivel-mount BULLDOG™ jack. These zinc coated jacks are set back in the tongue so they do not interfere with your truck tail gate. They can also be quickly flipped up and down, saving you time and energy when compared to a traditional a-frame jack.

These utilities aren’t just built strong, they are powder coated, instead of painted, to last as well. Powder coat is regarded as far superior to conventional liquid paint. Powder coat is more durable and lasts longer that liquid paint while still providing a high gloss finish. It is also much more environmentally friendly than traditional paint since it emits virtually no VOCs and “overspray” can be recycled.


A low cost, highly customizable trailer, anyone could find a use for a P.J. Utility Trailer. Trailer Solutions LLC keeps a large selection of utility trailers in stock with no extra fee to order you a custom model. So contact us or better yet stop by, and let us find the solutions to your trailer needs.